Kingdom Truth University


KTU is a faith-based educational institute of higher learning which assists individuals in achieving a solid foundation in Bible-based education.

The primary goal of KTU is to foster an atmosphere conducive for Christ centered learning. To encourage a scholarly Bible based environment that will produce lives that are anointed and rich in the knowledge and truth of the Word of God,

Course lectures are offered in classroom settings at KTU in Jacksonville, Florida.  Exams and required assignments for the course are due at the end of each course. For information on special lectures and conferences, contact KTU administration office.


It is the objectives of KTU to provide students with a rigorous Biblical truth academic foundation in preparation for, or furtherance of ministry.


TRUTH: We hold the Scriptures to be true, the focal point of our education process, and the authority for all we teach and do.

SERVICE: We prepare men and women to live according to a biblical worldview by consistently linking their education with the implications for Christian service in the church and the world.

RELEVANCE: We prepare men and women to understand and effectively relate to the world in which we live.

RELATIONSHIP: We cultivate godly relationships among students, staff, faculty, and with alumni, the local church, and the society in which we live.


Kingdom Truth University (KTU) is an independent, nondenominational institution providing undergraduate and graduate education which prepares Christians to live and serve in the church and the world according to a biblical worldview.

KTU mission is to expand the horizons of students mind through continuous learning. Students will receive an education where they will learn how to effectively apply their new knowledge they have learned. It is our desire to equip men and women with the knowledge they need to become efficient in Biblical Knowledge in relationship to Kingdom Principles.

This is accomplished by providing appropriate educational curricula and a climate which fosters the development of intellectual and spiritual maturity, leadership potential, servant-hood, and a sense of mission.


KTU is God centered Bible base, Kingdom teaching university. KTU is dedicated to educating and providing the students with opportunities to acquire the appropriate training to work in their particular areas of ministries.

The Degrees offered by KTU are Biblical and courses offer will be base on the Bible or biblical issues.


 “VERUM DICERE REGNUM DEI” To say and teach the truth about the Kingdom of God.